The Batman Arkham Origin’s villains – the assassins we want to see and how the boss fights might work


David Cain

[Update: Batman: Arkham Origins info hub updates: screens, trailer, details all in one place.]

Ra’s al Ghul’s league of assassins had a formidable leader in David Cain. He might look a bit like a grizzled pirate but he’s gone to go to some lengths to get at Batman in the past. Cain actually trained the young Bruce Wayne and later on killed his girlfriend Vesper Fairchild before framing him for that very murder. If Origins could Include some kind of threat to one of Bruce Wayne’s squeezes (like the Riddler rooms of Arkham City) it would be classic Cain. Possibly hotshot reporter Vicki Vale, who appeared briefly in Arkham City or even introducing Vesper herself.