7 videogame packshot cliches we’ve probably had enough of now. The cover templates that can’t be unseen



Same as before, but this time ratcheting up the intensity by making the protagonist REALLY REALLY BIG. Get closer. Push in. You want to be so close you can read the gibberish reflected in that HAWX pilot’s visor, so close you bonk Corvo on the nose with the lens. If that obscures part of their face (Solid Snake) or even all of it (Kratos), so much the better, because this game isn’t just about shooting people to pieces or pulling their limbs off – it’s about character. God of War clearly leads the way here, and as rendering technology advances with the arrival of PS4, expect character models so detailed that box covers animate before your eyes and plunge into the follicles on Kratos’ eyebrows, as you fling money at the cashier in terror.