In for the long haul: 10 PlayStation games which kept us waiting. What happens when development goes wrong? We take a look


LA Noire

Development cycle: 8 years (2003 – 2011)

The exquisite facial animation, expansive city and deep interrogation mechanics of Team Bondi’s detect-‘em-up made waves when it hit the PS3 in 2011. However, it was first teased when director Brendan McNamara formed the studio in 2003 and said he was working on a game for, “a next-generation Sony platform.” It wasn’t revealed properly until just months after the console’s announcement in 2005 . The black-and-white debut trailer in 2006 promised a gritty, neo-noire version of LA, complete with furious on-foot chases and (at the time) jaw-dropping visuals. When we finally played the game after years of development, McNamara revealed that building the proprietary face capturing MotionScan technology and a “massive” map had slowed development significantly.