Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate PS Vita details & screens. 2.5D Metroidvania style adventure fits in much of the full game’s features

As well as Batman Arkham Origins on PS3 the Vita will also be getting Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate, a 2.5D ‘Metroidvania’ style adventure that continues the story after Origins. Here are the first screens and info.

Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate details & screens.

Developer Armature were chosen because of it’s familiarity with the Metroidvania style. The setting will be an island, home to part of Blackgate Penitentiary where a prison riot has taken place, although the opener will be in Gotham.

It’s side scrolling with 2D animatics and full voice acting telling the story (there’s a screen of one in the gallery). Rather than leveling up abilities this sees Bats progress through the prison through new gear and upgrades. The line launcher for example lets you cross wide gaps.

While it’s a 2D game it will take advantage of the 3D visuals and let you “explore, fight, and interact with the foreground and background”. The gargoyle mechanic made it across and you can grapple up and out of sight of pursuing enemies. The combat is described as similar to the main game with attacks, counters, and use of foreground and background, as well as gear when you fight. For example you can stun enemies with a Baterang. Explosive gel can be shot onto different points around the screens and another example talks about dropping a chandelier on enemies.

Despite the 2D take on the action it

sounds like much of the main

console mechanics have survived

Despite the 2D take on the action it sounds like much of the main console mechanics have survived with talk of ‘a version’ of the predator mode and use of similar vantage points, silent takedowns and breakable walls. You’ll be able to see enemy sightlines to help with all that, plus a read/green colour coding lets you know their state. Detective mode will also be accessible with a screen overlay giving you info when activated. Moving a cursor around then lets you example the area for clue or to uncover secrets.

The game is split into sections that can be accessed once you find a way inside and a modern checkpoint system and manual saves are in place instead of more Metroidvania save rooms. Bosses can be defeated in any order and if you have the right items, “you’ll just be able to rip them a new one”.

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