7 things Metal Gear Solid 5 should learn from MGS 4. Kojima’s next game looks amazing but here’s what it needs to learn from the past


Better bosses

Heresy! Woah, step away from the flaming pitchforks. Metal Gear Solid 4’s boss battles were mostly excellent, we’d just like our evil doers imbued with a tad more personality in The Phantom Pain. The Beauty & The Beast Unit Old Snake enters into a series of moustache murder games with are all tensely orchestrated serpent-and-mouse smackdowns. Each elegantly wove the game’s stealth mechanics into rucks against demented supermodels who were hidden inside murderous robots like really purdy Kinder Surprises. Yet compare the robot ladies to the mournful madness of Psycho Mantis or the pistol-spinning treachery of Revolver Ocelot, and they were left sorely lacking in personality and backstory (dreary Drebin Codec calls don’t count). In summary: flesh out those über baddies a little more in Metal Gear Solid 5 please, Mr Kojima.