Starcraft: Ghost still in development? Infamous vaporware may yet solidify on PlayStation

Prepare yourself for one of the briefest news stories in gamez jarnalism’s illustrious history. We recently chatted with Blizzard Entertainment’s Matthew Burger to talk Diablo 3 on PS3 at PAX. While discussing the upcoming dungeon crawler, the senior designer let slip that Starcraft: Ghost may still be in development. The shooter was first announced in 2002, but has long thought to have been quietly cancelled.

This (really, really) short interview snippet suggests Blizzard hasn’t quite given up the ghost on this spin-off from the hugely popular RTS series.

OPM: Is Starcraft: Ghost still an active project for Blizzard?

Burger: It’s on hold. It has never been cancelled.

OPM: So it might still get released?

Burger: Maybe.

Now that puts the unbelievably swift swaray in Brief Encounter.

There are ten-year-old Starcraft: Ghost screens kicking around the dustier corners of the interwebs, so the game would obviously need a huge amount of work if it was to every get a release on PS3, let alone PS4. But if Gearbox can ‘salvage’ Duke Nukem Forever, why not, eh?