The BioShock Infinite you didn’t play – 9 interesting ideas Irrational cut (spoiler free)

Dynamic environments


Remember the original Bioshock Infinite gameplay demo from 2010? Columbia was a different beast back then – skylines winked golden in the sun, buildings swapped places in unscripted, dynamic events and ruddy great bells smashed into the street… it was an incredibly ambitious undertaking with the city morphing around the player in real time. In a 2010 issue of Game Informer the collapsing building that shed the bell was described as a completely random event, a combination of weather and physics. Given Infinite’s needle sharp focus on the stories of Booker and Elizabeth, it’s no small wonder Columbia was streamlined into the comparatively linear backdrop that appears in the final game. Good thing too – we spent so long standing around gawping at stuff, we’d be screwed if it were constantly ballooning about.