Thief 4 completable “without killing anyone”, will support “awkward ways of playing”

thief 4 ps4

[Update: check out a load of Thief 4 PS4 screens here & read our Thief 4 PS4 preview here.]

Thief director Nicolas Cantin confirmed it will be possible to ghost the game non-lethally adding, more interestingly, that if people want to, “push the boundaries and really try these awkward ways of playing then go on, have fun”. Basically if you’re a masochist, fill your boots.

Thief 4 completable “without killing anyone”

Cantin confirmed, “Yes, you can play the game without killing anyone”, pointing out that, “Your mandate is to never to kill anybody, it’s to acquire specific items that are in very specific locations. So we wanted to be able to support a ghost playthrough. Some players want the hardcore mode, they want to stand in the corner and watch these patrols and bypass the entire game without killing anyone. This is something we want to allow the players to do. It’s going back to the roots of Thief: you’re not an assassin, your not out for revenge, you’re here to steal stuff. If you want to play more aggressively you can use your resources, you can push your boundaries, you can pressure the AI. This enables a long range of different ways of playing Thief but it’s still about ‘hit and run from the shadows’”.

Creating this range of options required a little more work than the studio anticipated thanks to, “some very hardcore people on the team”. Cantlin says “I’m watching them play and I’m like ‘how did you come up with that idea? How did you figure this out?’ and so on”. The practical upshot of that is that Eidos Montreal is trying to support as many options as possible. “So there’s a lot that’s dynamic”, explains Cantlin, “[We're] going between different types of playstyles and seeing how we can support as many as possible so that experiences are different. You play one way you get one experience, you play another you get another experience. And then people want to push the boundaries and really try these awkward ways of playing the game then go on, have fun”.

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