PS4 global release date “2013″ according to GameStop exec

PS4 Dualshock 4 controller

A retail executive has stated in a financial call: “We know that Sony will introduce the PS4 globally in 2013″. Okay, the date’s a bit wide but the ‘global’ bit sounds good after previous talk of PS4′s release date favoured the US and Japan first, with the UK not getting a look in until 2014.

PS4 release date “2013″

GameStop executive vice president Michael Hogan made the claim in a recent financial call while GameStop president Tony Bartel went on to say “We have partnered closely with Sony before, during and after the announcement, and today are more prepared than on any previous console launch to meet consumer demand. While we’re not at liberty to share specific details of our joint plans, we have developed a complete marketing plan that will rollout during the next few months, that takes advantage of our buy-sell-trade model and our PowerUp Rewards program in very unique ways. It will also leverage our ability to deliver digital assets. At a recent Sony event, we are able to speak with all of our major publishing partners, and they are very excited about their plans to leverage this new technology”.

It certainly sounds like they’ve got all the launch details in a Google calender somewhere. Then there’s this from CEO J. Paul Raines, “But as far as Sony goes, we are crafting trade promotions around the PS4 launch”, and executive vp of international Michael K. Mauler says, “we’re working with Sony on some aggressive promotions”.


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