God Of War multiplayer existed “at the end of God Of War 3″ says dev. Ascension “the right time to do it”

God Of War Ascension Gamescom screens

God Of War Ascension’s lead combat designer Jason McDonald has spoken about the birth of its online mode, starting life as “some PSN and multiplayer tests at the end of God of War 3 to see how fun it might be”.

God Of War Ascensions multiplayer birth

McDonald expands on the mode’s inception and development: “At the end of God Of War 3, we did some tests with the PSN and multiplayer in general – players fighting with each other to see how fun it might be. We found it was pretty enjoyable, people were having a great time and were talking smack, just beating each other up”. What started as an experiment however soon became a very real addition to the series. “We looked at that and thought, ‘if people are having this much fun with something that we just put together quickly, what if we put the whole God Of War spin on it?’” That, according to McDonald meant, “Putting in the epic scale, the brutality, making it feel just as visceral and good as the single-player does”.

The ‘trying out ideas’ approach isn’t uncommon for the series explains McDonald. “[With] every God Of War, we have ideas that we can sometimes do in the game and some we can’t. It just happened this way. I haven’t seen any game that has the look of God of War multiplayer so it was unique and it was fun and it was the right time to do it.”

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