PS4 is “incredible” says God of War team but there’s “still life in the PS3″

PS4 has God of War: Ascension developer Sony Santa Monica “excited,” but the studio says that even after eight years, the capabilities of PS3 can still be explored.

God of War team say PS4′s “a powerful machine”

Speaking to Official PlayStation Magazine, God Of War Ascension’s lead game designer Mark Simon thinks the recently-announced PS4 “is a powerful machine” adding “I get excited thinking about the specs and the amount of memory it has, it’s incredible”. It’s not just all that sheer grunt however that’s exciting him. “It’s going to use processors that’ll we’ll be able to develop on right away,” he explains. “So there’s some really good things about that. I think that the promise of that machine, in terms of what it can deliver, being more engineered towards everyone being connected together, is an extremely important concept.”

God Of War Ascension Gamescom screensSimon compares it to the recent connectivity of the studio and its fans, noting how its communications stance has changed since the inclusion of multiplayer in Ascension. ”We added multiplayer and what you find is now we’re interacting with our community,” he said. “Now we’re talking with them a lot more while we’re developing the game. We were never doing that before”. With past God Of Wars the communication always happened later: “We were talking to them, but we were talking to them after we completed the game”.

The change towards more open communication is something Simon enjoys. “Now we do it while we’re making the game and just adding that level of connectivity between players is so important because the entire gaming community is what it is, a community. So the longer we can keep them together and talking to each other and playing with one another, the better it will be.”

Lead combat designer Jason McDonald further chimed in, however, to add that there was still more capabilities to push from PlayStation 3 as it starts to enter its twilight years. ”I think the PS3′s a beast. I mean every time we go back to it, we find more power to squeeze out of it,” he said. “I’ve no doubt the games coming in the future will show that there’s still life in the PS3. Noting the upcoming releases slated for PS3, including The Last of Us and Beyond: Two Souls, Simon added: “It’s good to be a PS3 owner right now. Some of the best games to ever come out on PS3 are coming out right now”

God of War: Ascension releases on March 15 in the UK for PS3. Read our God Of War: Ascension review to find out more.

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