How PS4 could change 10 of its biggest games – what the new social features, streaming & controls could bring


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4

As foretold in the prophecy, this Christmas will see the release of yet another instalment in the Call of Duty franchise, hotly tipped to be Modern Warfare 4. And while the PS4′s Share button sounds like a perfect compliment the endless ‘Let The Bodies Hit The Floor’ no-scoping montages, we’re more interested in how the new social elements will affect multiplayer. The Elite service has already attempted to create a community hub for online players. Now the streaming, hyper-connected PS4 looks like overtaking that. Will we see more player celebs created now that you can basically drop in and watch anyone playing? How about piggybacking a rival team’s feed to watch their tactics? Simply organising tournaments and publicising them will be easier, especially considering Sony’s recently patented BigFest which screams eSports.