Tesco breaks Tomb Raider street date – games being pulled as we speak

Tomb Raider PS3 review screens

Many Tesco outlets have broken the Tomb Raider street date, selling the new installment at £32. The store’s been quick to pull the game though so you’ve probably missed your chance already.

Tomb Raider breaks street date

The supermarket is selling the title in a number of stores nationwide with some reports that gamers bought Lara Croft’s comeback as early as March 2nd: three days before the official release date of March 5th. When contacted, Tesco’s games buying manager Jon Moss said the games were being removed from the shops that had been selling it, and will go back out for the actual release at midnight tonight. In a statement Moss said, “We take any street date break extremely seriously and are in the process of contacting stores to reiterate this message and ensure the product is taken off sale until midnight.”

In our Tomb Raider PS3 review we found Lara’s comeback was definitely worth checking out and worth wait if you missed the chance to get it early.

Thanks MCV.