GTA 5 screenshot comparison – real life locations vs game, how close is it?

So we all know GTA 5‘s Los Santos is based on Los Angeles (we all know, right?). Well Nathan from PlayStation Access recently cycled around LA to not just find key locations but to match up the angles as best he could. It’s fascinating to the see the comparison.

GTA 5 screenshot comparison

Here’s Nate’s take on the proceedings:

“I was in LA to see The Last Of Us for Access TV and OPM and I knew I had a spare afternoon. I’d gone out there for the announce of the game at the 2011 Spike Awards and during that trip I’d taken a bike up into the Hollywood hills to ride along Mulholland Drive for no real reason. I was in the office the day before I left for this latest trip and I saw James Jarvis updating a Google Map he keeps of all the GTA V screenshots and whereabouts in real LA they’re set – I put the spare afternoon together with this map of LA and decided I’d go looking for them. 

Finding them actually turned out easier than I’d thought. The hardest things were: falling over in front of a car on the Santa Monica pier about 3 minutes after I’d hired the bike while wearing a bag full of cameras and a GoPro harness, and riding up the hill to the Griffith Observatory. In fact I’d say it probably qualifies as a mountain. By that point the only food I had in my bag was a packet of salty bear crisps, so I ate them at the top and realised I was the thirstiest any human being had ever been. 

There are loads I didn’t find, in downtown LA especially. Maybe I’ll do a part II during E3…”