Will I be able to play Killzone 4 on my phone? Michael Denny doesn’t exactly say ‘no’

So there’s no misinterpretation here I’m just going to reproduce the relevant bit of my interview word for word. The short of it is that I asked Sony Worldwide Studios VP Michael Denny if PS4′s Gaikai-powered streaming meant I could play Killzone 4 on my phone. He didn’t exactly discount it.

Can I Remote Play Killzone 4 on my phone?

Here’s the part of the interview where we talk about Remote Play, PS Vita, streaming PS4 content and the possibility of playing Killzone 4 on a phone:

Leon Hurley
One of the things I thought was really interesting that you hinted at with streaming was the potential to leave Killzone 4 in the PS4 and, if I wanted to, pick up my non-branded generic smartphone and just start playing Killzone 4 on that. Is that something you’re intending to roll out?

Michael Denny
So what we announced interns of Remote Play was certainly for PlayStation 4 games to be played remotely via Wifi access on your Vita. Because obviously the Vita is the perfect second screen in terms of the analogue sticks and buttons. We also talked about PlayStation apps and the ability to interact with your games via a smartphone, via your tablet in different sorts of ways. Those may not be playing the full experience because the controls may not map that well we think, but certainly in a companion sense. So if it’s Drive Club, you’re viewing a race or a friend’s race and can set challenges and send them and receive them on a second screen.

You said there that you ‘think the controls may not map that well?’ is that something you’ve been looking into then?

So what I’m saying is that PlayStation Vita with its physical buttons is obviously a great replication of the PlayStation Controls.