Issac Clark’s actor on staring in Dead Space movie: “That’s my goal”

Gunner Wright Isaac Clark Dead Space

Gunner Wright, the face and voice of Dead Space 3′s Isaac Clarke has admitted it’s his goal to star in a Dead Space movie if it ever gets made.

Dead Space actor’s movie hopes

When asked if he hoped to be considered for the film Wright replied, “That’s my goal if there’s an option to do a film, to have my name in the hat to play Isaac. I always know that I could lose out to a name and that’s just the business”. A movie was mooted a while back but nothing’s been heard of since 2011 when then director D.J. Caruso said, ”We’re working on the story. We had one attempt of trying to do a prequel, but the story didn’t quite work out as well as we wanted it to”. IMDB still lists the project as “in production” with a 2013 release date although Caruso is no longer listed as director.

Obviously Wright, who’s cornering the crazy space man market with the recent release on Blu-ray of indie sci-fi flick Love (man abandoned on ISS, fairly monster free) is behind any attempt to make a Dead Space movie. “I think, done right, it’s such a rich story that it could be a very compelling, cinematic film. Not just for fans of gaming, the franchise and sci-fi. That’s up to the writers, a great director and obviously the cast”. He’s also adds that, “You don’t need 100 million dollars to do a Dead Space movie. You could probably do it on a decent lower budget (Love used a homemade set built by the director in his parent’s back garden). It’s just got to be done right. That’s the question that only a really good director could answer, the right director. Dead Space isn’t going to be one of those films that you throw money at. That’s not going to work”.

For now he’s realistic about his role as Isaac and, with some game franchises lasting for years, happy to potentially be lost in space for a while to come. “I appreciate the work so much. It’s not about the money at that point. Yeah it’s a great addition to your livelihood as an actor, but I love the work and I love the challenges, and I love seeing the technology and that world progress. I love the relationships and the people, my producers, the cast that they have, it’s just been a great experience. Ultimately, one of the producers was doing an interview and I read his quote, it’s the truth… all of that depends on the gamer. The gamer has got to depict the success of the new game coming out and the franchise. If the kids keep wanting to play it, hey man, I’ll keep putting the mo cap suit on give them, hopefully, what they want”.

Thanks Joystiq for the Caruso quote