Indie hit Thomas Was Alone releasing on PS3 & Vita this Spring with exclusive DLC

Thomas Was Alone PS3 Vita

Block platform puzzler Thomas Was Alone will release on PS3 and Vita in Spring featuring a new director’s commentary and exclusive DLC. The indie game has been almost universally loved on PC so it’s safe to assume it’s good.

Thomas Was Alone releasing on PS3 & Vita

Here’s designer Mike Bithell to explain the core concepts:

“Thomas Was Alone is a platformer where the goal is simple – get all the characters to their exit portals. You’ll find that becomes increasingly harder than it sounds. Use their skills in tandem, be it flotation, anti-gravity, bounciness or, well, jumping slightly higher.

Along the way, you’ll hear an awesome story narrated by Danny Wallace (Assassin’s Creed) and scored by the epically talented David Housden. On PS Vita, you can use the touchscreens to select characters, or to control the camera”.

It’s the second high profile indie hit to make the jump after gore-fest Hotline Miami was announced for PS3, also in Spring, last month. Thomas Was Alone is being developed for Sony by Bossa and Curve Studios. The DLC will be a timed exclusive and feature, “a square who is given a jetpack”. Sold.

Thanks EU Blog.