Uncharted 3′s multiplayer could be going free-to-play

UNcharted 3 multiplayer free update

Looks like Uncharted 3 might be following in the footsteps of Killzone 3′s free-to-play multiplayer move. The US Blog apparently announced and then quickly un-announced the plan.

Uncharted 3′s multiplayer goes free-to-play

A upcoming release round up section on the blog outed ”Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Multiplayer (Free to Play)” as an upcoming release. There was no further info and the entry was soon pulled. Assuming it’s true (and if not then that’s one hell of a typo) then we could be seeing Uncharted 3′s online component going free-to-play very soon. A Naughty Dog multiplayer blog post had previously teased “big news” last year, so this must be it.

Thanks Polygon.