PS4 reveal: 12 things you might have missed


Virtual pass-the-pad

Perhaps the single most exciting, but somewhat glossed-over feature that came out of the PS4 announcement at the PlayStation Meeting. The new DualShock 4’s share button, which allows you to instantly capture game footage and send it to your friends, was understandably championed to the hilt. This then led to Sony revealing you’d be able to hop into a pal’s game and watch them struggle to send those Helghan troops packing in Killzone: Shadow Fall or other PS4 games. Even more excitingly, it seems you’ll be able to invite your friends to take over from you while playing, meaning you’ll hopefully never need to worry about getting stuck on a stubborn boss again if you’ve got some PS4-owning, ninja-fingered amigos. The potential for instantly swapping control could recreate that brilliant pass-the-pad feeling that’s died somewhat of a death since online gaming.