Your (and our) favourite PlayStation memories

With PlayStation 4 set to be revealed at 11pm tonight (whaddya mean, you didn’t know?), fans around the globe (as well as Team OPM) have been sharing their favourite Sony console moments on Twitter using the hashtag #playstationmemory. Here, we’ve rounded up some of the best.

Favourite PlayStation memories

Ami Nakajima (@AmiNakajima) – Liverpool based Sony comms manager and Wipeout cosplayer
“The T-rex, the excitement of playing a new demo disc, secret goes of WipEout and Riiiiiiidge Racer!”

Brett Mayes (@Brett_Mayes) – Lover of music and devoted followbacker
“Holding down X and square on Spyro to do that weird headbutt run thing to get around.”

Jcreedy (‏@jcreedy) – Entertainment agency boss and photography addict
“To play F1 via link cable, I had to wrap my PS1 in bubble wrap and cycle to @Ian_Holmes‘ house.”

PlayStation Access (@PSAccess) – Sister product of your favourite magazine
“This. Nothing ever beat the sound of this.

Jeremy Martin (@jeremiads) – Arkansan gamer. That’s all we know
“Playing through FF10 high on painkillers after wisdom teeth removal. Best game ever and I won’t revisit it to change that.”

Ben Wilson (@BenjiWilson) – Mouthy South Londoner and current editor of OPM
“Playing albums through the ‘church’ setting on PS1 to pretend you were at a real gig. THEY WERE SIMPLER TIMES, OKAY?”

Rich Ellershaw (@biggusdickuss1) – ‘Wicked cool husband’ and Bradford City fan
‘Reading and re-reading my copy of @OPM_UK about 20 times before the #PS3 launch. I knew that mag word for word.’

Dan Maher (@MrPointyHead) – Explosive Alan Productions co-founder and games industry karaoke king
“15 blocks of 8KB each.”

Bearskopff (@Bearskopff) – PS Community Moderator with a mysterious name
“Pressing ‘X’ to ‘Jaaaaaaaassssssooooooonnnnnn.”

Liam Tetley (@Teterz93) – Newbridge-based ‘mad fer it’ Liverpool supporter.
“When Grand Theft Auto use to look like this….

Louise Blain (@shiny_demon) – Inverkip’s most famous former OPM staff writer
“Losing the monthly fight with my brother and being left with the copy of @OPM_UK and not the demo disc. I won in the end.”

Matt Castle (@mrbasil_pesto) – Award-nominated games journo and rival console enthusiast
“My brother @Malienware getting one for Christmas and bursting into tears.”

Joe Bignell (@JBignell92) – Sunderland student and ex-OPM workie
“Fiddling with the twitsy PlayStation logo on the ps2.”

Ryan Clarke (@RyanVonNerding) – Ploughmans-loving Coventry chappie
“Driving on the grass on a F1 game and screaming… ‘I’m going for a picnic!’

Korina Abbott (@Shikaboom) – Tattooed-up, super-nice marketing lady
“Glitching the crap out of Tenchu: Stealth Assassins, then running around meowing at all the enemies. #progamer

Mike Jackson (@Mikimus_Prime) – Man In The Mirror-crooning pop supers… oh
“Turning the console upside down every time I wanted to play Total NBA ’96.”

Steve Ye (@riotbananas) – Real human bean, or so he claims
“Historically accurate events… and now here’s a Giant Enemy Crab!”

Daniel Scales (@DanielCake) – Student at Derby Uni currently making PSMobile games
“Getting up late for work because I sat there reading everyone’s PlayStation Memories. Oops.”

Got memories of your own you’d like to share? Post them in the comments below or join the discussion on Twitter.

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