Sony announces PS4 with GaiKai streaming, DualShock 4 controller

[Update: You can see images of the PS4 menu, streaming & social stuff here.]

Sony has announced the PlayStation 4 during its PlayStation Meeting in New York. New details include fully integrated streaming services courtesy of GaiKai, a developer-focused hardware setup with an 8-core CPU, a redesigned DualShock 4 controller with touch pad, and a host of launch titles.

PS4′s specs confirmed

During Dave Perry’s demonstration of the PS4′s streaming function, he revealed that gamers can play games instantly from the PlayStation Store, downloading as they start to play. Using the new controller’s ‘share’ button, you can also upload gameplay videos straight to your social networks and even send a video S.O.S when you’ve getting your behind handed to you.

The PlayStation Vita, not to be pushed forever into the shadows, will use GaiKai’s streaming tech to bring PS4 games onto the handheld platform. Once you buy a game for PlayStation 4, you can access it on your Vita via remote play.

Turns out those prototype controllers were bang on the money: say hello to the DualShock 4 controller for PS4. In addition to that touchpad in the centre, the DualShock 4 boasts a light bar at the top, and a stereo camera that can sense the position of the controller, PS Move-style. New too on the roster is an audio jack (surely that doesn’t mean headset support!?)