God Of War on PS4 – Sony Santa Monica hint at a Kratos-shaped, next-gen surprise at tonight’s PlayStation Meeting

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Ooh, what a bunch of teases. Sony Santa Monica took to its Twitter account this morning to drop a titan-sized hint that a new God Of War for PS4 could be announced at tonight’s PlayStation Meeting.

God Of War PS4

In a none too subtle nod to what the future may hold for the Californian developer, the creator of Kratos had this to say on Twitter…

For those who don’t know their Greek gods from their Ray Harryhausen plasticine monsters, mythology holds that Pandora’s Box stored all the evils of the world within its confines. The mystical item has featured prominently in God Of War. Kratos was charged with nicking it off Cronos in the first game and battled to save Pandora (a magical girl who was a prisoner of the box) in GOW 3.

With God Of War Ascension on PS3 acting as a prequel to the stabby series, could Sony Santa Monica use tonight as a platform to announce God Of War 4 for PS4.

Blades of Chaos crossed…