PS4 reveal Wednesday? Sony reveals another countdown video

Sony has poured fuel on the fiery rumours that PS4 will be revealed this Wednesday (20th Feb) with a third ‘Evolution of PlayStation’ video – this one charting the rise of PS3.

PS3 history teases PS4 reveal?

The video covers the reveal of PlayStation at E3 2005, the advent of PlayStation Network, PS Move’s introduction, and more. It’s the latest in a series which began on Saturday with a PS1 Evolution video, and continued with a PS2 installment yesterday.

The natural conclusion to make from all this is that the evolution of its next console will be unveiled within days, at this Wednesday’s PlayStation Meeting event. It’s pegged as the first time we’ll get to see PS4, and these videos only make that scenario seem even more inevitable.

Most sources currently point to a late 2013 PS4 release date focusing on Japan and the US, with Europe getting the console early in 2014.  The redesigned  PS4 Dualshock incorporates a touchpad, Move functionality, speaker and headphone jack. Images of  a prototype PS4 controller have been confirmed via multiple sources as a real.

The meeting happens at 11pm UK time this Wednesday – stay tuned to on the day for more details as they break.