Metal Gear Solid online art studio launched

Those Metal Gear 25th Anniversary celebrations which kicked off last year aren’t quite over yet – today, Konami launched an interactive website where artists can share their own MGS creations and view the work of lead artist Yoji Shinkawa.

Metal Gear art website launched

The site’s digital drawing board enables anyone and everyone to create their own Metal Gear piece for potential submission to the site, though we’d suggest artistic interpretations of Solid Snake’s wang will be instantly rejected. Tools available are the same ones Shinkawa uses, even stretching to rulers and masking tape.

Works approved on the site can then be viewed either as still images, or videos showcasing the piece’s creation from start to finish. It’s almost like watching A-Ha’s Take On Me promo, but updated for a modern audience. And with a lot less high-pitched singing.

Creations can also be shared on Facebook and Twitter, or downloaded to your home computer. To go play around with it yourself, click here.