Destiny requires constant internet connection to play, Activision “confident” connection speed won’t affect your experience

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Bungie’s new persistent-world shooter Destiny will require you to be constantly connected to the internet to play the game, the Halo studio has confirmed. But Activision CEO Eric Hirschberg and Bungie president Harold Ryan are both adamant a slow connection speed (such as we’re used to in the backwards old UK) won’t affect the quality of the game, pointing out their respective experience in handling huge online communities for Call of Duty and Halo.

Destiny’s always-on internet connection

Responding to OPM’s concerns that a slow connection speed might ruin the overall experience of Bungie’s new quasi-MMO shooter Destiny, Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg stated that this was an issue the publisher could “contribute a lot” to.

“[Activision has] run a site-specific infrastructure on the world’s biggest multiplayer game for several years. While you can play campaign in Call of Duty without an internet connection, you can’t play multiplayer, which is what tens of millions of players all over the world do.

It’s not flawless, but it’s pretty satisfying for a lot of people so we’re confident we can get the things we talked about today to work.” Those things include a seamless introduction of other players to your game, and a menu-free UI that allows the player to shift between competitive multiplayer, co-op and solo play at will.

Bungie president Harold Ryan agrees: “From Bungie on the Halo games, and on the Activision side the Call of Duty games, we have a really good understanding of what connections are worldwide for gamers that play first-person shooters, and we know that this game will play really well.”

Desinty has been confirmed as a PS3 release, though it’s not slated for a 2013 release date. You can find out all about the Halo developer’s hugely ambitious project in our Destiny first look preview.