Cheap games, Aliens: Colonial Marines PS3 review & more: the PlayStation round up

aliens colonial marines ps3 review

This week on the PlayStation round up we look at 10 of the best cheap downloadable games on PS3, review Aliens: Colonial Marines and gather together the all highlights of the PlayStation week.


Weekend Essentials - YouTube and Aliens: Colonial Marines join our tip top PlayStation picks this weekend – grab your wireless controller and take cover behind the sofa…

Game On - Make your week one to remember with some exciting new info on Killzone: Mercenary, Tearaway and The Last of Us, only on PlayStation.

The YouTube app arrives on PS3 - YouTube on PS3 just got a lot better with a brand new application beautifully designed for TV.

Prepare for 20.02.2013 - What is it? There’s only one way to find out. Sign up for updates and we’ll keep you posted.

10 of the Best: Downloadable games Store – Check out these great value titles no gamer should be without, hand-picked by and available from PlayStation Store.


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We prepare for the future with the best PS3 sci-fi games of 2013.

Check out these new Remember Me screens. Neo-Paris looks lovely in 2048.

Watch an Aliens: Colonial Marines gameplay video & review recap as we play the first 30 minutes.

We go hands on with our Fuse preview, the new shooter from Ratchet & Resistance dev Insomniac.

We interview Insomniac boss Ted Price who says Resistance was “brutally difficult to work on at times” & Insomniac will “continue experimenting with Ratchet”.