Official PlayStation Magazine UK 45 on sale now: Killzone Mercenary, Tearaway, Aliens: Colonial Marines & more

45 Cover magazine

This month’s Official PlayStation Magazine UK is in the shops with Killzone Mercenary and Tearaway on the cover. A special, tear away cover. See what we did there? There’s also interviews with Dishonored co-directors Harvey Smith and Raphael Colantonio, a look at the future of COD, the best gaming merch ever and plenty more.

Official PlayStation Magazine UK 45 on sale now

First up our cover feature. Staff Writer Phil went out to see two of the PS Vita’s biggest games, visiting both Guerrilla and Media Molecule to check out Killzone Mercenary and Tearaway. As well as getting hands on with both games he chatted to the devs and basically had a great time stabing Helghast in the face and running away from paper wendigos. It’s a living.

45 vita feature

call of duty feature 45 magazine Next up on the feature front we take a good hard look at Call Of Duty. With sales slowing year on year and a sense there’s no where left to shoot we ask gamers, OPM staff and industry faces what the future holds for the biggest game in the world.

We look back the history of the series to better understand what make it the sales behemoth it is today, round up the rumours and leaks regarding Modern Warfare 4 and discuss what the game needs to do to stay on top of all the games. We also check who’s left alive in the Modern Warfare canon and map every location the game’s visited.

magazine 45 merch

Taking things a little less seriously we eye up the world of videogame merch. From figures to props, toys to clothes. We collect together all the best, most interesting or just plain odd game-associated tat there is. Most importantly we include the current eBay prices. That Okami plush wolves you could get when the game came out on PS2? £554 to you now, mate.

magazine 45 dishonored interview Any Dishonored fans out there? You are going to love our interview with co-directors and creators  Harvey Smith and Raphael Colantonio. It’s a great look back at the game as we discuss everything from what they consider the ‘proper’ ending, the length of the game, DLC and the making of your game of the year.

As well as all that we’ve Dead Space 3, Metal Gear Rising and Alien Colonial Marines reviews, previews including Tomb Raider, GTA 5, Soul Sacrifice and more including news, views and opinions of anything and everything PlayStation.

It’s in the shops now. You can also subscribe for a year and chose from a range of gifts including game, or £16 free PSN credit, grab a digital, interactive copy on Apple Newsstand or read Official PlayStation Magazine UK on Zinio.