Ted Price says Resistance was “brutally difficult to work on at times”. Insomniac to “continue experimenting with Ratchet”

Ted Price has admitted that Resistance was, “a brutally difficult game to work on at times”. He’s also spoken about the future of Ratchet & Clank saying that Insomniac want “to continue experimenting” in the future.

Ted Price on Resistance & the future of Ratchet

When asked what it was like to leave Resistance behind Price responded, “For us Resistance will always be close to our hearts. For me personally it was a game I really enjoyed working on. A brutally difficult game to work on at times but so is every franchise we create”.

4 RatchetLooking back at the Ratchet & Clank series to date Price says, “They’re great games, I’m really proud of what we’ve accomplished with them”. As for the future? Anything could happen. “I think that, speaking for the team, we all want to continue experimenting with Ratchet. From the very beging it’s been a universe that didn’t have any rules. We felt free to continue to keep taking it in new directions and maybe that’s what we’ll do. I don’t like to talk about where we’re going with future games, all I know is that Ratchet will always be near and dear to our hearts”.

The ability and desire to experiment is a core part of Insomanic, the company Ted founded initially as a one man band. “As a company for almost twenty years we’ve been creating new franchises and I think that’s where we get most inspired: the opportunity to create new worlds, to come up with new gameplay mechanics, to make new weapons, and to tell a new story. For us at Insomniac that’s really fun, and scary at the same time because you never know what people are going to think”.

With Fuse, part of that creative process has been done in public with a highly visible redesign following its initial E3 announcement. “With Fuse, we were really transparent about our process,” explains Price, “and showed off how the game evolved. I’m really happy about where it is now”.

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