Rumor: first PS4 controller & dev kit image leak: touchpad, speaker & Move built in

PS4 controller

[Update]: a new image has leaked showing the same PS4 controller with a headphone jack

Is this the first image of a PS4 controller? If it is then that’s a PlayStation 4 development kit in the background as well. The redesigned DualShock clearly shows the oft rumored touchpad and, more interestingly, what looks like a speaker/mic grill and Move integration.

First PS4 controller photo

Sony have supposedly been trying several variations of a new Dualshock design incorporating a touchpad built from Vita’s rear trackpad, but this is the first hint the controller could include a speaker or microphone. The blue panel on the top could also be a light to incorporate Move controls into the PS4 controller as suggested in a previous patent. There’s also something odd going on with the handles. Either it’s a strange angle or there’s a more sculpted shape to the grips.

If that is a PS4 dev kit behind it then don’t panic that next gen comes in a foot square aluminum box. Early hardware isn’t representative, just a thing to put all the magic in. The first PS2 dev kits were big silver boxes as well.

Both Kotaku and IGN have apparently corroborated reports from other sources that this is the real deal but an early prototype, so potentially not the final shape.

Thanks Destructoid, Kotaku, IGN

PS4 pad 2

Update: a second PS4 controller pad image has appeared online better showing the headphone jack.]

Ps4 controller