Remember Me preview – Uncharted & Arkham go sci-fi


Remember me PS3 screens

Gameplay-wise, Remember Me feels instantly familiar, meshing Uncharted-inspired linear action sequences with a combat system highly reminiscent of Arkham City, albeit slightly less polished.

Remember Me preview

Set in 2084, this third-person actioner greets you with an advert for the social network program nicknamed SENSEN – a new medium that enables its users to access not only personal information, but also the memories of every individual on the network.

Today it would be a Facebook stalker’s paradise, but in Remember Me the situation is even more severe. Class divides have grown and the underbelly of society has become hostile towards the corporate giants that helm this technology. Think about that when you next decide to update your status.

You play as Nilin, a memory hunter who wakes up in Bastille Prison with no recollection of how you ended up there or why you’ve been kidnapped. With the assistance of a mystery voice, the opening sequence sees you escape the prison and return to the vivid heart of Neo-Paris – a striking projection of the future where buildings have an imaginative mix of classic architecture and a sleek clinical sheen. It’s from here that you begin to search for answers. Who is this mystery man? Why is he helping Nilin, and why is she being hunted?

Remember me PS3 screensA novel addition is the ability to create and manage your moves in the aptly titled Combo Lab. This includes creating large chains of memory-shattering punches, or ones that rejuvenate your health and focus meters as you spring from one enemy to another. It’s an intriguing system, and could differentiate the game from its clear influences while providing a surprising amount of depth.

The real highlight of this hands-on though are the ‘memory remixes’. Acting as an equivalent to boss battles, you’re tasked with manipulating the memory of a bounty hunter in order to save your own skin. By altering glitches in the memory, you adjust the sequence of events to trigger an alternative outcome, only one of which allows you to progress. It’ll be interesting to see how this affects the story as a whole, but for now this is looking like one of 2013’s biggest surprises – and very much worthy of remembrance.

Remember me PS3 screens