Fuse PS3 preview – trigger fingers on with co-op that shows the team who slays together, stays together

Thanks to the game’s titular energy, each one of the ET murderers has a unique Fuse power/weapon that gives them a particular advantage in battle. Dalton boasts the cheaty Magshield we mentioned earlier, which is great for providing impromptu cover.

Now, while she may not look like your standard field medic, Izzy is to wartime medicine as Arnie is to cracking awesomely awful snow-based Batman puns. Her Shattergun will not only yank enemies out from cover, but it also acts as a handy healing device that will fix the boo-boos of any nearby Fuse friends.

Naya, meanwhile, is a dab hand at conjuring her inner Solid Snake, with her cloaking camo allowing her to sneak up on Alf’s naughty cousins and put a serious whuppin’ on their extraterrestrial hides.

Bringing up the Earth-saving rear, Jacob’s Arc Shot crossbow can target baddies cowering behind covering. Once fired, its projectiles will light up your alien enemies like an excitable sprog playing with sparkles near a polyester settee on Bonfire Night.

While playing with bots, it’s crucial you keep switching between characters. With Jacob and Dalton having a more natural long game, certain squad members are far better at providing cover fire from a distance than others. Conversely, if you want to get the drop on a posse of evil doers, you’re better off switching to invisible Izzy than trying to duff up space scum at close range with a crossbow.

Despite Fuse’s clear tactical flair, we still have a few concerns ahead of the April release. Most worrying is the impact of the actual guns. While your arsenal does feel beefy and pleasingly Ratchet-esque, much of weapons’ impact are negated by how your foes react to being shot. The presence of Borderlands-esque enemy health bars rob the game of the immediacy you get from other shooters when crisply dispatching dudes with one-hit headshots.

Fuse isn’t a co-op take on Uncharted, then. Lacking the punch of Resistance and the charm of Ratchet, it’s like nothing Insomniac has ever served up before. The aim may currently be a touch wonky, but its cerebral take on tactical co-op can be hugely refreshing at times, meaning this is one shooter that deserves to be locked squarely in your sights.