Fuse PS3 preview – trigger fingers on with co-op that shows the team who slays together, stays together

Look, we can’t all go the Drake-looking dude with the cheaty quantum physics-distorting shield, alright? With a more serious look and recently revamped cover art, Fuse on PS3 (i.e. the artist formerly known as Overstrike) has clearly had Gok Wan pop round to help it squeeze into that hip-hugging military clobber.

Fuse PS3 preview

But while Insomniac’s shooter has undoubtedly gone through big ch-ch-changes, the core co-op (and bickering over who goes who) that’s so intrinsically tied into the makeup of this four player actioner remains untouched.

“I think every creative endeavour is a process of evolution,” explains Insomniac CEO Ted Price. “Every IP we’ve built, be it Ratchet & Clank or Resistance, has gone through major changes. The ones we went through with Fuse were very public, but they were driven by our desire to have the sort of weapons we know players demand of Insomniac titles.”

And what big weapons you have to shoot us with, Mr Fuse. We got the chance to go trigger-on with the game’s exceptional arsenal recently on a palatial campaign level sprawled across a towering Indian mahal. Whether sniping targets with the in-vogue Arc Shot crossbow or ripping UFO-riders apart at the molecular level using the Shattergun, Fuse’s killing tools are distinctly memorable in classic Insomniac fashion.

Playing with another physical person and two surprisingly adept bots, the strategic benefits of the game’s character-swapping mechanics quickly show us their kitty-winning hand. Pleasingly, switching between your mercenary alien-bashers is both instantaneous and seamless.

The strength of the AI means you can let your bot buddies flank enemies from cover, too. Transitioning into their playable boots helps to keep combat constantly balanced on an ever evolving knife edge. Considering your average AI team-mate is roughly as much use as a time-keeping device constructing from melted Kit Kats, it’s refreshing to see Fuse’s squads pull their weight in a firefight.

Said squad is made up of leader Dalton (the muscle) Brooks, Izzy (the really shooty medic) Sinclair, Naya (the stealthy vixen) Deveraux and Jacob (look, I’ve got the 143rd gaming crossbow of 2013) Kimble.