PS4′s touchpad DualShock controller confirmed by third source. Share button debunked

PS4 Dualshock touchpad controller

A third source is reporting the PS4 controller utilises a Vita style touchpad where the Start and Select buttons used to live. The same source also casts doubt on the presence of a central media Share button.

PS4′s touchpad DualShock confirmed

It’s the third time a new design touchpad PS4 controller has been mentioned, with this report of a “new pad allegedly keeping the DualShock’s legendary face buttons, twin sticks and shoulder triggers, but it will also have a ‘capacitive touch pad’ that could be similar to the one on the back of the PS Vita”. One earlier leak stated that Sony were considering ditching the DualShock design altogether.

This touchpad redesign apparently sees the Start and Select buttons moved (where isn’t clear) and the L2 and R2 triggers “remodelled for the better”.

For the record, the photo is a mock up, not actually a real pad. Someone always thinks its a real pad.

Thanks VG247.