PS3 Youtube app now live – fully otimised, in-XMB service available for download


Youtube ps3

PS3 is getting in-XMB Youtube functionality as of… now. The free download will appear in the ‘My Channals’ bit of the video services section and offer a fully integrated and optimised service.

PS3 Youtube app now live

The app has apparently been, “designed for the big screen and PS3 controls”. Here are the main points from the press release, followed by a breakdown of all the key features.

  • Search: Finding videos is easier than ever, with search suggestions and instant video results while you type.
  • Access to subscriptions: Sign in to find the latest videos from your YouTube subscriptions, which now also includes official music videos.
  • Your smartphone as a remote: With a quick pairing process, you can control YouTube on PS3 with a smartphone. Find a video on your phone and with the click of a button it’ll play on the big screen. While the video is playing you can control it from the phone, or keep browsing YouTube for the next one.

Key Features

User Experience:

  • User Interface Optimized for TV
  • Video Search
  • Ability to Browse and Search for videos while watching
  • PS3 Game Controller Support
  • HD (Up to 720p)
  • Content Flagging
  • Closed Caption
  • YouTube trending and popular video playlists

Smartphone and Tablet Pairing

  • Browse and search for videos on phone/tablet while watching on PS3
  • Fling videos to PS3 from smartphone or tablet
  • Control video with smartphone
  • Comment on phone while watching

Signed In Experience

  • Sign-In and Channel Guide
  • User’s liked videos
  • Watch later videos
  • User’s playlists
  • Subscribed channels
  • Search History

Please note that “Uploading the video” won’t be available for the YouTube application on PlayStation®3