Media Molecules next game is a mystery (it’s almost certainly PS4)

Media Molecule’s website currently has a ‘?’ under its jobs tab with a video of Toyah’s It’s a mystery. The developer has spoken several times about its next ‘AAA’ game and the evidence is strongly pointing towards something PS4 shaped.

Media Molecule’s next game

We already know that Media Molecule are working on a new game. Previous job ads stated the company was “very early in the process” of it’s next “AAA project”. Media Molecule co-founder Mark Healy has also said, “We’re working on a second project right now, and that’s very much in an R&D phase.”

Another ad has also previously mentioned “different platforms”, an odd thing to say when another position  for a UI artist makes it clear that ”We are creating games exclusively for PlayStation”. Whatever this ‘different platform’ is it’s something they can’t name. Yet.

One thing Media Molecule is talking about is Tearaway, its ace Vita platformer. You can get all the papery details in our Tearaway preview/gameplay video here.

Thanks VG247