The PlayStation Meeting, Dead Space 3 review & tips, plus The Last of Us: The PlayStation round up

The last of us hunting the clickers

This week there’s everything you could ever want to know about The Last Of Us – screens, info and gameplay. We’ve also got Dead Space reviewed and tipped. Plus a reminder to register for the PlayStation Meeting. Wonder what it could be about?

Weekend Essentials – New PlayStation Plus offerings, Dead Space 3 and Bentley’s Hackpack… you’d better take the phone off the hook this weekend.

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Check out Isaac’s return with our Dead Space 3 PS3 review and gameplay video

We’ve also got a Dead Space 3 PS3 tips guide to help you survive in space.

Loads of new info on Naughty Dog’s latest, The Last Of Us – meet the runners and clickers 

See Killzone Mercenary in action with our gameplay video & preview.

If you haven’t looked at Tearaway on PS Vita yet you probably should. It’s lovely.