Homefront 2 now “completely a part of Crytek’s DNA”

Homefront 2

Crytek have been talking about the future of Homefront 2 after buying it in the great THQ jumble sale. Rasmus Hojengaard, director of creative development says the sequel is, “now completely a part of Crytek’s DNA, the same way that Crysis is”.

Homefront 2 now “part of Crytek’s DNA”

It’s big talk considering the quality of Crysis 2 and the original Homefront when put side by side. CEO and founder Cevat Yerli however says, “We always believed in the game anyway. The fact that we wanted to work on Homefront 2 was because we believed in the concept of the IP. The execution quality was always the issue we thought. And we thought we could bring an amazing execution”.

The death of THQ, who were originally going to publish the game, has had apparently little effect on the sequel. “The game was in development,’ states Hojengaard, ”the studio was doing great strides and some great work so it doesn’t really mean that much from a development point of view because the game just persists, continues down the road it was already going. Yerli adds, “In the process of the THQ situation we thought, ‘Well we don’t want to even consider stopping making the game. We owe the team that we acquire the IP, we owe the team that we continue the game. If we own the IP that we push it really hard, we don’t even think about breaking right now, about slowing down’”.

Hojengaard even believes that the way things turned out could make a better game in the long run. “Obviously from a psychological perspective – being in ultimate control of where this is going right now – will affect people in some shape or form, but maybe in a positive way because now it’s completely a part of Crytek’s DNA the same way that Crysis is a franchise”.