GRID 2 teaser trailer gives you the tiniest glimpse of new car, track

Here’s a new GRID 2 video from Codemasters which gives you the car equivalent of a burlesque show – a flash of an Alpha Romeo Giulietta here, the briefest glimpse of the RedBull Ring (previously the A1 ring) there… then nothing. Darkness. Oh, and a polite reminder to preorder the thing before it’s released on May 31st. You know, it’s not a crazy idea. We’ve played the game, and we’re big fans: read our GRID 2 preview for more. And if you are one of those inclined to pre-order things, here’s GRID 2′s pre-order perks. Spoiler: they include fast cars.

GRID 2 trailer

There are two distinctly different types of racing on show here – tuners skidding around a street circuit, and lightweights haring about a traditional race track. Like its ancestor, GRID 2 promises plenty of variation in its event types. Keep your eyes peeled for the full unveiling of its career mode very shortly.