Crysis 3 gameplay video & preview – hands on in New York. So good they destroyed it twice

Within the first ten minutes of our time with the PS3 version of Crysis 3 we dispatch a whole host of Ceph (surely fiction’s least imaginative alien evil doers) as we effortlessly Predator our way through patches of jungle. The first game’s stalky forest combat is also complimented by the verticality of Crysis 2. Enter Prophet’s jumpy frog legs. The superhuman powers of the Nanosuit allow you to effortlessly leap up onto ruined buildings, which is great for scoping out the terrain ahead.

Ah yes, Prophet. This is where it all gets a smidge confusing. Y’see, the big baldy lunk seemingly bought it in front of your eyes early doors into Crysis 2. But now it appears Alcatraz is out and the original Nanosuit poster boy is back. In a first for the series, the heavily armour suited and booted killer has finally ditched Gordon Freeman syndrome and can actually speak. Huzzah. Oh, and he sounds like he smokes 60 a day. Of course he does.

Crytek definitely seems to be putting an extra effort into trying to develop more of a personality for both Prophet and Crysis 3 in general. While its predecessor was technically superb, it felt a little soulless next to the deeply personal (and hugely atmospheric) highs of Resistance 3. So it’s encouraging to see the German developer invest more energy into giving its universe a more unique, personable flavour.

One area the game doesn’t need much tweaking is its arsenal. Specifically, the glorious Combat Bow. Yeah, yeah, we know bows of the cross variety are sickeningly in vogue right now. But Crysis 3’s take on the medieval weapon really is in a class of its own. Take up a high vantage point with Prophet and you can snipe targets silently with the deadly weapon from hundreds of metres away. Something we definitely didn’t… eh, use to impale an innocent, scurrying dear.

If you don’t want your slaughter to be quite so subtle the Combat Bow also lets you go in loud, murdery and obnoxious. Along with the standard darts, Prophet is equipped with explosive-tipped bad boys, which are ideal for taking down the more fearsome Ceph sentinels. Judged on this evidence, Ms Croft and her bow are going have to go some to outgun Prophet.

Providing the game can consistently nail more interesting, varied pacing that its predecessor, this could yet be one of the best PS3 shooters in 2013. With arresting visuals, more engaging, playful environments and a near invincible dude with a big-ass impaley weapon, Crysis 3 is hunting your PS3’s disc tray.