Crysis 3 gameplay video & preview – hands on in New York. So good they destroyed it twice

Oh the sweet, delicious irony. While Alcatraz’ Big Apple shooter was a technical tour de force, there’s no denying it suffered somewhat of an identity crisis (ba-dom-tisch). Crysis 2 stripped away much of the open-ended predatory hunts from the tropical island original in favour of recreating a stunning, but much more restrictive recreation of New York. Luckily, Crysis 3 on PS3 combines the freeform fury of the first game with all the ‘I heart NY’ sights of the second.

Crysis 3 PS3 preview

Now, we’ve not been to the City That Never Sleeps for a few months, but last time we checked, it wasn’t a humongous, festering greenhouse. Thanks to a Blue Peter-style ‘here’s one I cooked 24 years later’, Crysis 3 has jumped decades ahead of its predecessor, allowing Crytek to transform New York into a sweltering jungle.

The benefits of this rainforest-meets-Rockefeller setting smacks us around the face within minutes of our recent hands-on with Crysis 3. Stalking our way through a flooded take on Chinatown in the game’s New York City Liberty Dome, the more open areas immediately benefit stealthy players.

Chatting to Crytek’s CEO Cevat Yerli, it’s clear Crysis 3 is aiming to be the spiritual sequel of the original PC shooter. “We listened to the feedback we got from gamers on Crysis 2 and we decided that this game should be a sequel in gameplay terms to the first game.”

“Crysis 2 was set in a sandbox, but it was quite choreographed, because of the New York setting. That’s now driven the design choices for Crysis 3,” says Yerli. “Gamers didn’t like the last game being choreographed too much, so that’s why we decided to go back to a more natural sandbox with lush vegetation and trees. The evolution has taken us in a much more expansive direction with these urban rainforests.”

The ace in the horribly violent hole of the series’ iconic Nanosuit has always been its cloaking armour. And now with half the city transformed into a really homicidal version of I’m A Celebrity… Please Don’t Let The Mean Supersoldier Man Gut Me, the opportunities for sleuthing through the tall grass, swamps and thick bush *cough* of these urban rainforests are plentiful.