How GT6 can win the race on PS4 – what Sony’s driving sim needs to take the next-get top spot

While Gran Turismo still serves up that Real Driving Simulator feel it crows on about on the box, it lags behind the other racers aiming to overtake it. During the PSone and PS2 days, it was untouchable, but gamers have had a taste of what else is out there and wish Polyphony Digital were at least trying to keep up rather than burying their head in a V12 and ignoring the changing landscape.

Because we’re nice people, we’ve put together a list for Polyphony of what needs to be fixed to bring Gran Turismo up-to-date. If they took the years between games to take a look around and bring some much needed changes instead of worrying about the right pitch of a Nissan GT-R’s engine, then all this could happen.