PS4 to release end of 2013 at $400+ with Gaikai streaming and social features

A Japanese newspaper is reporting PS4 will release before the end of the year, cost $400+ and feature Gaikai streaming and social features.

PS4 to release end of 2013 at $400+

A translation of the report in Asahi Shimbun states, “Yesterday (on February 6), it became clear that Sony Computer Entertainment will reveal its new game system, PlayStation 4, which will release within the year”. That matches the alleged 2013 PS4 release that’s been widely leaked. Sony is suspected to announce the PS4 at a PlayStation ‘Meeting’ event on February 20th. The paper also says, “the price is expected to exceed 40,000 yen”. That converts into $427 or £267 price, lets say 300 quid to be safe.

It also says the console “is said to utilize Gaikai cloud technology”. How isn’t explained so it could be anything from demos to full (small) games. Considering talk that a lack of PS3 Cell functionality suggests backwards compatibility is a no go, streaming PS3 games would be nice, possibly using the disks to unlock what you own. (I’m spitballing here, okay, just an idea).

Another report also mentions, ”the network function of PlayStation 4 will be expanded, including a new social feature where you can exchange opinions among your friends while playing games”. That ties into other reports of the PS4 controller’s ‘share’ button being used to interact with community options. There’s no mention of the PS4 controller touchpad that been mentioned so many times it must be a certainty by now.

Less encouraging is the comment, “there will be a rush to meet year-end sales demands between Japan and America”. Europe isn’t mentioned suggesting we are not the focus initially, and tying into reports that the PS4 EU release will be 2014.

Thanks VG247 and Gematsu.