Maybe that PS4 Dualshock controller meets touchpad idea won’t be so bad after all?


PS4 Dualshock touchpad controller

Just to make things clear, this is a mock up, okay? That’s an Apple symbol on the PS4′s rumoured share button for one thing. But it is a very good mock up of what’s being reported for the PlayStation 4 controller for a number of reasons…

PS4 Dualshock controller

Several stories have leaked out suggesting that Sony are trying to meld the current DualShock with touchpad tech from the Vita for PS4. Specifically the rear touchpad - the pattern and texture of which is emulated here. The placement also matches reports that it will be occupy the spot where the start and select buttons used to live.

That share button matches up with stories about the PS4′s video sharing ability. The leaks suggest the PS4 will constantly record the last 15 minutes of whatever you’re doing on the machine and, at any point, you can hit the button to edit video clips or images and share them with the world. This button’s design also matches the home button on the Vita.

What do you think? Just to clarify this isn’t the real thing, just a mock up, but it’s a great interpretation of all the hearsay doing the rounds at the moment. Although some reports suggest Sony could be ditching the Dualshock altogether for PS4.

Thanks Reddit.