The Last Of Us info – clicker & runners, crafting and Joel’s ‘listening’ power explained

The Last Of Us Screens and art

Tons of new The Last Of Us info has emerged covering everything from infected variants such as the clickers and runners, how the crafting system works, and Joel’s detective-vision like ‘listening’ power.

All new The Last Of Us info: infected, crafting and listening

All the key info is explained below. There’s also a ton of The Last of us screens here and a terrifying The Last Of Us gameplay video showing it to be a far more survival horror-like game than anyone previously thought.

  • The story is set 20 years after the infection broke out. Joel and Tess are smugglers who move black market supplies in and out of a Boston quarantine zone. Ellie is basically a job: they have to transport her through the infected zone to a rendezvous with a group known as Firefly at the city’s state capitol building.
  • Only two stages of the infected have been revealed so far. Runners are an early stage of the infected who are still human in appearance. The fungus has ruined their eyes however meaning they can only really see movement. They’re not much stronger than normal people but travel in packs and will call others if they see anyone, overwhelming with numbers
  • Clickers on the other hand are completely blind, their faces erupted in to fungal growths. They use echo location clicks to track enemies so you can only move when they’re silent. Their advanced stage of infection mean they can kill with a single blow and can only be taken down with guns or stealth.
  • You can use thrown objects to distract infected and lure them into traps. Gunshots will have the same effect forcing you to think about how you deal with large groups.
  • There’s a crafting system that lets you upgrade weapons for more damage, or to extend their lifespan (things degrade with use and eventually break). One example is combining a pipe with scissors to create a one-hit-kill weapon. Other things you can create include molotov cocktails, shivs and so on. You’ll also need to keep an eye out for batteries for your torch.
  • Collectable stuff confirmed so far include: batteries, blades, bindings, rags, alcohols, explosives, sugar, and melee weapons. An example of crafting includes making a heath pack from some alcohol and a rag.
  • Joel effectively has a sensory power, a ‘listening’ mode. Using this mode turns everything into a slow black and white visualisation of the game world, showing the infected’s footsteps, clicks and groans, and enabling you to ‘see’ where they are.
  • There are collectables in the game including: Notes, Comics, Firefly Logs, and Training Manuals. These are three dimensional objects rather than log entires.
Thanks VG247, Polygon, Eurogamer, IGN