Killzone: Mercenary pack shot and release date – packaging & date fans over the moon

Killzone Mercenary packshot release date

There’s your Killzone: Mercenary pack shot. Glowing eyes? Check. Stern men looking serious with guns? Triple Check. Somewhere there’s an art department high fiving the hell out of each other (“Brad you totally nailed it dude!”). The release date’s been set for September 20th.

Killzone: Mercenary pack shot and release date

In case you missed the blow out yesterday here’s a load of Kill/merc stuff for you to have a look at:

Killzone: Mercenary gameplay video preview – fighting for the side that pays the most

Killzone: Mercenary PS Vita screens – tiny Helghast still nasty

Killzone Mercenary: “When you review it you’re going to write it’s the definitive FPS for PS Vita”

Killzone Mercenary PS Vita trailer

Thanks AGB.