7 ways to make an Assassin’s Creed movie not suck – a lesson for videogame films everywhere


Give it a movie plot

First things first, filmmakers need to stop sticking to the exact story of games with the desperate glue of a million fans baying for blood. Now before you think I’ve spent too long in the Animus and that I’m suggesting Ubisoft ditch Desmond for his handsome but unknown cousin Robert, may I direct you to exhibit A: the Silent Hill movies. Let’s be honest, the first one was pretty good. It was even relatively successful and produced a sequel. Which, well, wasn’t. Why is this? Simple. Christophe Gans looked at the series he loved and created a new character in the shape of Rose. When Michael J. Basset looked at the same series, he made a direct to screen version of Silent Hill 3 with all the wrong bits removed and the result was Silent Hill: Revelation 3D. Eugh. Assassin’s is in no way unfilmable with characters in tact but writer Lesslie needs to make sure he creates a narrative that makes logical sense and will keep us entertained.