Naughty Dog on following Uncharted with The Last Of Us: “No pressure right?”

The Last Of Us making of

The Last Of Us‘ Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley have spoken about creating a follow up to Uncharted in the foreword of an art book to accompany the game.

Naughty Dog on creating The Last Of Us

According to the creative director and director the two’s initial response to being tasked with “developing Naughty Dog’s next big franchise” was “Um, what?!” They mention the critical and commercial success of Crash, Jak and Daxter, and Uncharted, adding, “now we had to create something that attempted to match that level of quality in gameplay, story and art. No pressure right? Where the hell do we even start?”

The idea was initially to build, “an entire game around a relationship between two characters”. The Naughty Dogs planned that the pair, who eventually became Joel and Ellie, would, “develop an unbreakable bond over the course of an intense journey”.

The art book from Dark Horse was originally announced as part of a The Last Of Us Collector’s edition. However it’s also been priced separately at $39.99 on the game’s site suggesting it’ll also be available separately.

Thanks Eurogamer.