Essential Skyrim: Dawnguard PS3 tips – 9 things you’ll want to know


How to find the Drain Vitality Shout

As its name suggests, Drain Vitality allows you to drain stamina, magicka and health from an enemy. The first word can be found inside Dawnguard’s earliest dungeon, Dimhollow Crypt, during the ‘Awakening’ quest. After rescuing a mysterious vampiress from entombment, you’ll reach a coliseum-type area. The wall bearing the word ‘Stamina’ is situated in this room and can be found by looking to the right of the chamber’s exit. The wall carrying the second word, ‘Magicka’, is found on a small island in the middle of the frozen lake at Forgotten Vale – a location that you will visit later in the campaign. A word of warning though: two dragons will burst out of the ice as you approach the wall, so be prepared to take them on. The wall for the third word, ‘Health’, is located at Arcwind Point, a Nordic ruin south-west of the Rift Imperial Camp. This area is accessible through a winding mountain pass directly south of the camp. When you arrive at Arcwind Point, the wall is located to the left of the altar.