Are Sony building a PS4 game eSports platform? BigFest patent focuses on “communities and competitions”


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Sony have patented something called BigFest which mentions social networking services, online games and seems to focus on community and competition. It all sounds like potential prep for an eSports platform.

Is BigFest PlayStation 4′s eSport future?

The contents suggest a focus on networking and connecting players online with mention of “social introduction for the purpose of playing multiplayer games online” and “online games communities”. There’s also talk of “hosting web sites of others for video and computer games”. It sounds a lot like a hub system for bringing together online gamers, possibly with hosting for video streaming, stats and other survives from the mysterious ‘others’.

The trademark was filed February 6, 2012 and published January 1 this year. The London address on the document suggests SCE London Studio, the team behind Home, might be involved.

Here’s what the filing proposes.

  • Hosting on-line web facilities for interactive game play; hosting web sites of others for video and computer games or parts of video and computer games created by others on a computer server for a global computer network
  • Introduction and social networking services, namely, introducing video game players to each other for the purposes of playing multiplayer games online, participating in online games communities and competitions, and online player networking and social introduction

See the patent here. Thanks VG247.