10 PS3 games that fall apart when you think about them too much


Resident Evil (all of them) – Villain transforms into tentacle slug

Every Resident Evil game has some ham-voiced uber-villain who just can’t wait to stick themselves with a needle of horrible mutagen, but Resident Evil 5′s Albert Wesker takes the wiggling, tentacle-flavoured biscuit. As always, the vial full of alphabet virus turns the formerly humanoid baddie into some ungainly mass of sinew, eyeballs and┬áspiky┬ábits, but why this is a desirable outcome is never explained. Had Wesker survived, was he doomed to lollop from shareholders meeting to corporate fundraiser, hobnobbing with investors with one face and consuming terrified employees with the other? Would he ever have found love, or spent a lazy Sunday fishing with his kids? Fortunately, this plot hole gets pushed into a volcano by Chris Redfield and blown up with a rocket launcher. Take that, narrative!